GAMMA, Book 1 Reviews

Reviewed by Romuald Dzemo for Readers’ Favorite:

Gamma by M Susanne Wiggins is the first and compelling entry in the League of Worlds series, a mix of fantasy and sci-fi with characters and themes that will entice both young and adult readers. Meet Alec Ellison, a man who’s grown up learning to keep to himself, hiding what actually makes him different. He may be an inhabitant of Gamma, but he feels like a stranger, until uninvited visitors come with a strange proposition to take him to a place where he truly belongs and where his gifts can be put to use. The only problem is that the world of Gamma and its inhabitants will be destroyed after he is gone. Can he move away knowing that the world he’s learned to love will fall under a destructive force, even if The Stone Davis Corporation has controlled the lives of the inhabitants in all its aspects? Can he move away while Gamma prepares to be immersed in a galactic war?

M Susanne Wiggins creates a world that readers will love to navigate, filled with powerful and interesting images, and a lot that readers can easily imagine. I was pulled in from the very beginning of the story, thanks to the vivid sense of setting and the author’s strong storytelling skills. The characters are well-crafted and Alec is one of those characters that readers will easily relate to, and his dilemma is one of the elements that help in the development of the psychological conflict that drives the plot. This is a wonderful introduction to a series that will provide great entertainment to readers; it is hypnotic and readers will find themselves longing to discover what happens to the characters.

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