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GAMMA Characters and Locations

*In no particular order*

Keep in mind: If you haven’t read the book yet, some of the information below contains spoilers. You have been warned.

Alec Ellison – Kyrie Ellison’s son with Sebastian Abbott. Twin brother of Tavis Abbott. Mostly Domum lineage, with partial Archilochun from Kyrie (from John Paul). Married to Margaret Arcana and ‘part father’ to Luke Arcana Ellison (quotation marks denotes potential question as to Luke’s full parentage). Name meaning: Alec – Greek – helper of mankind. Ellison – play on Eleison – Greek for have mercy.

Margaret Meg Arcana – Adopted daughter of Ila (Smith) Arcana, biological daughter of Chaza Abbott and Joseph Arcana (Sterling). Married to Alec Ellison. Mother of Luke Arcana Ellison. Had brief affair with Drake Quinlan. Full Archilochun lineage. Name meaning: Margaret – Latin for a pearl, Arcana – Latin for secret; hidden. ***Her name will be Cana in The League of Worlds. (←The ‘Cana’ name is not 100% settled upon yet, as there seems to be a ‘family squabble’ on what Joseph Arcana’s first born child’s name was supposed to be.)***

Ila Arcana – Originally, Ila Smith. Changed last name to Joseph’s real last name after his death. Margaret Arcana’s adoptive mother. Longtime friend of Kyrie Ellison. Was engaged to Joseph (Arcana) Sterling until his death. Infertile. Born on Gamma, her parents were removed for non-compliance. She is a spy/mole for management (Stone-Davis Corporation) and has an intimate relationship with William Davis. Dies on Gamma, shot by William at the end of book. Name meaning: Ila – French for island, from the island. Arcana – Latin for secret; hidden.

Kyrie Ellison – Biological mother of Alec and Tavis Abbott with Sebastian Abbott. John Paul Ellison’s granddaughter. Born on Beta, but relocated to Gamma per William’s request. Ex-wife of William Davis. Runs the general store on Gamma. Close friend of Joseph (Arcana) Sterling before his death. Continued intimate relationship with Sebastian Abbott and by end of book, pregnant with Sebastian Abbott, Jr. Lineage: Archilochun through mother and grandfather. Her father: escaped from Beta and whose identity, lineage, and whereabouts are still unknown by end of book. Name meaning: entire name is play on Kyrie eleison – Greek for Lord, have mercy.

Sebastian Abbott – Father to Alec Ellison, Tavis Abbott, and by end of book Kyrie’s unborn child. Estranged husband to Chaza Abbott. Comes to Gamma with daughter, Tavis. Longtime friend of John Paul and Galen. Occupation on Domum: physician. By end of book, in intimate relationship with Kyrie Ellison. Survival of Gamma’s nuclear explosion is ‘up in the air’ at the end of the book. Lineage: Full Domum. Name meaning: Sebastian – Latin for venerated and majestic. Abbott – Hebrew for father.

Tavis Abbott – Daughter of Sebastian Abbot and Kyrie Ellison. Was raised (while an infant) by Chaza Abbott. Twin sister to Alec Ellison. Came to Gamma with father after holding (brief) job as a watcher on Gamma (watching Alec). Wife of Jack Cavanaugh, mother to Lani Abbott Cavanaugh, and by end of book pregnant with John Abbott Cavanaugh. Lineage: mostly Domum (father), part Archilochun (mother). Name meaning: Tavis – Scottish for twin.

Chaza Abbott – Biological mother to Margaret Arcana. Estranged wife to Sebastian Abbott. Hiding for many years on Gamma after working as watcher for Sebastian. Raised Tavis for approximately a year before leaving to hide and give birth to Meg. Gave Meg to Ila Arcana to raise. Name meaning: Chaza – Swahili for oyster. In DOMUM, last name is changed to reflect family name, Ione.

Frank and Lena Doscher – Longtime residents of Gamma. Elderly/Naturally aging. Invited by management for ‘volunteer opportunity’. Lena dies in book, she was infertile. Close to the Ellison and Arcana family. They are Irish. Name meaning: Frank – old German for free man. Lena – Latin for temptress. It isn’t mentioned by end of book, but Frank escapes Gamma’s destruction by way of warning from Sebastian (he used Jack’s hidden borrowed boat and picked up Sebastian and Chaza who had been floating in the ocean and they all go to Fall Pass, Alaska).

Jack Cavanaugh – Adopted child of Rebecca and Anthony Cavanaugh. Biological child of Isaac and Mabel. Worked as a weather researcher for management. Grew up in East America, Charleston, S.C. He made a pact with Drake Quinlan that will affect Earth and Domum. Married to Tavis Abbot, father of Lani and by end of book, John. Came to Gamma by escaping with coworker, Michelle Martin, and hiding/posing as newcomers. Born on Delta. Lineage: Full Archilochun. Name meaning: Cavanaugh – Irish; Gaelic, for handsome by birth.

Michelle Martin – A weather researcher for management and coworker of Jack. Hired by William Davis for the purpose of Jack becoming involved with her intimately. (Orchestrated by William Davis.) Became pregnant with Jack’s child, but miscarried on Gamma. Took bribe to leave Jack.

Chapman Peterson – Runs the trinkets and jewelry shop at the town center on Gamma. He made Meg’s pearl engagement ring. Officiates all weddings on Gamma. Was an ordained minister before coming to Gamma. Dies on Gamma. Name meaning: Chapman – old English for a merchant.

Dr. Clark Patrick – Gamma’s physician. Works directly for, and with, management. Lives on Gamma as any other resident for the purpose of maintaining their trust. Gathers medical information for the management and scientists. Oversees all classified files and Ila’s hypnotic sessions. Dies on Gamma. Name meaning: Clark – old French for a learned man.

Joseph Arcana (Sterling) – Original name: Joseph Arcana. William Davis changed to Joseph Sterling during relocation from Beta to Gamma. Biological father to Margaret Arcana by brief affair with Chaza Abbott. One of the original ten children from the Archilochun Island. Was engaged to Ila Smith (Arcana) before death. Relocated from Beta to Gamma per William Davis’ request. Close friend of Kyrie before death. Cause of death, light existence came to an end ***(a premature end)***. Lineage: Full Archilochun. Name meaning: Joseph – Hebrew for he shall add. Sterling (new surname chosen by William Davis) English for genuine; standard of excellence.

Mabel and Isaac – (no last name stated as of end of book) Parents of Jack Cavanaugh. Two of the original ten children from the Archilochun Island. Relocated from Beta to Delta. Chose each other, had Jack on Delta (who was taken away at birth). They refused to have more children. Escaped from Delta with help from John Paul Ellison. Went back to Domum with Jack and Tavis at end of book. Lineage: Full Archilochun. Name meanings: Mabel – Latin for amiable; lovable. Isaac – Hebrew for laughter.

Joy Elwin – Gamma elementary school art teacher. Dies on Gamma. Name meaning: Elwin – Old English for elf friend. Joy – Latin for joyful.

Nissa – (no last name stated) Manager of the mountain area general store. Dies on Gamma Name meaning: Scandinavian for an elf.

Henry – Manages the newsletter office on Gamma. Dies on Gamma.

Luke Arcana Ellison – Son born on Gamma to ‘Meg and Alec’ (quotations denote potential question of Luke’s ‘full’ parentage). Lineage: Mostly Archilochun (Meg), Domum (Alec), Lucusan (Drake). Name meaning: Luke – Latin for light, bringing light; Arcana – hidden, secret; Ellison – play on eleison…have mercy. ***Secret light, have mercy***

Natasha Hammond – Third in command with management (Stone-Davis Corporation). More of her in, DOMUM.

Anthony and Rebecca Cavanaugh – Jack’s adoptive parents. Original investors of William Davis’ and Eldridge Stone’s company. Became traitors, executed by East American military during a rebellion/resistance campaign in Charleston, SC.

Gustav Dubois – Member of management. Name meaning: Swedish for noble staff.

William Davis – Inherited the holdings in his father’s land creation company. Member of management – second in command on the Stone-Davis Corporation. Traveled to Archilochun Island following his father’s journals. Brought back the original ten children and John Paul to Alpha. Ex-husband of Kyrie. Dies on Gamma.

Lani Abbot Cavanaugh – Daughter of Tavis Abbot and Jack Cavanaugh. Name meaning: Lani – Hawaiian for sky.

James – Bartender at the café on Gamma. Dies on Gamma.

Effie Henderson – Elderly widow on Gamma. Befriended Frank after Lena’s death. Escaped with Frank Doscher at end of book.

Sisco Horton – Blind elderly resident on Gamma. Died of old age. Shows up in Meg’s dream.

Eldridge Stone – First in command with management. Original partner of William Davis’ father, Roland Davis. Escaped before Gamma’s destruction. Name meaning: old English for fearful and terrible. Shows up again in, DOMUM.

Ron – (no last name). Maintenance worker helping William with cameras and the End Plan wiring.

Dr. Han – Head of the scientific team. Shows up again in, DOMUM.

John Paul Ellison – The only adult of the original eleven from Archilochun Island. Native American in appearance. Helped West American gain their independence. Grandfather to Kyrie. Close friendship with Galen and Sebastian. Took possession of Chaza’s amulet after she threw it into the ocean. Told Jack his ancestry after saving him and Tavis from Gamma’s destruction. ***Dies*** at the end of book as his light burned out. Lineage: full Archilochun… an original Ancient. We’ll see him again in a ‘different way’ in, DOMUM.

Galen – No last name stated by end of, GAMMA. In, DOMUM, last name is revealed as Arri. A physician. Close friendship with John Paul and Sebastian. Healed Jack’s arm and encouraged Tavis to become a physician. Helped John Paul with West American independence. Lineage: full Archilochun. Name meaning: physician.

Ms. Seabrook – One of the elderly residents of Gamma. Was on the phone with Kyrie about not having received her order yet. Dies on Gamma. (This character didn’t make it in later edit.)

Roland Davis – William Davis’ father. Original founder of the land creation company and partnered with Eldridge Stone. First one to find the Archilochun Island and wrote discoveries in his journals (which he willed to William). Died in an explosion during an island creation. ***Lineage – potentially one of the ones who left from Domum (Dissenters) *** Name meaning: Roland – Germanic for famous land.

Drake Quinlan – A separate, but dependent, being of the Archilochun. From Archilochus before it was destroyed by merging stars. The only one of his race to volunteer to leave on the ship out of the dying solar system of Archilochus. Had a house in the mountain region of Gamma, identical to the one he has on Domum. Expresses himself in both physical (organic) form as well as a brilliant stream of light and color (aurora borealis). Had a secret intimate relationship with Margaret Arcana and made a pact with her that will affect the future outcome of Domum and Earth. Desperately, hopelessly, in love with Meg Arcana. Partial parantage to Luke, and the twin girls who will be born on Domum (Lynn and Sydney). Lineage: from Archilochus, but separate race. Name meaning: Drake – Middle English for male swan; Quinlan – Irish for gracefully shaped. Derived his (pronounceable – Drake) name from his Archilochun parents… DraeCoveyan (←spelling not 100% settled upon yet→). ***His name will be Coveyan (nickname – Cove) in The League of Worlds.***

General Keenan Legare – General of East American Military. Direct descendant (by mother) of one of the ones who left (Dissenters). Ordered destruction of Gamma, but waited until ‘all’ were safe. He is a kind man, a sympathizer. Name meaning: Keenan – Irish for Ancient one. His half-brother, Arden Wade Raynor, is second in command of the East American military. Keenan shows up again in, DOMUM.

Lt. General Arden Wade Raynor – East American General, under his half-brother, Keenan Legare. They share the same mother, Geyan Legare. He is not a good man, a ‘monster’ capable of unspeakable acts, and will show up again in, DOMUM (and potentially in The League of Worlds), bringing with him an armada to unleash havoc and chaos on Domum.

Gamma – Third of the original four islands created by the Stone-Davis Corporation. Destroyed at end of book. Where most of GAMMA takes place.

Alpha and Beta – The first and second of the originally created islands. Both destroyed.

Delta – The fourth of the originally created islands. Still intact at end of book, but destroyed by ‘unusual weather anomalies’ (Archilochuns).

Digamma – The research station, main headquarters of the Stone-Davis Corporation. Also ravaged by weather anomalies.

False Pass, Alaska – The place where Sebastian and Tavis Abbott told the islanders they were from when they arrived. Also the place where Sebastian, Chaza, Frank, and Effie went to after they escaped Gamma’s destruction.

Alaret Beach – Beach on Gamma. Meg and Alec’s favorite and named by them when they were children by combining their names. Near the (smaller) cliff and the stone house.

The stone house – On Gamma, Alec and Meg’s first house together. A sanctuary (utilized by the Archilochun) for escape, which became a necessity used by Tavis and Jack. Its creation is by an entity not named until Domum, but potentially by Drake…haven’t decided if it’s him or Thoth (entity).

Mors Cliff – A high cliff in the mountain region of Gamma, directly overlooking the ocean. The highest point on Gamma. Morbid history: suicides. Where Chaza threw away her amulet the night she gave newborn Meg to Ila. The place where Chaza and Sebastian leap from at the destruction of Gamma.

Domum – Other world (hidden, cloaked); a planet in our solar system. Where Sebastian and Tavis Abbott are from. Adopted home of the Archilochun people.

Archilochus – A long destroyed planet of a dead solar system in our galaxy. Two races of people lived there: Archilochun and Lucusan. (Archilochus is Latin for two species of hummingbirds: Ruby-throated and Black-chinned.) (Lucusan is from Latin, Lucus, meaning, ‘sacred forest, wood, grove’… as well as having connections to – Latin: lūceō, meaning, ‘shining light/I shine, am bright; I dawn/become light’.)

The Old Village – Residential area on Gamma, cluster of original houses.

The Gamma docks – Docks located on the northern end of Gamma. Where Tavis and Jack left from to explore the bunkers. Where deliveries of special orders arrive. Where, approved by management, fishing and sailing boats are moored.

The underground bunkers – A shelter complex on Gamma for weather emergencies (Hurricanes). Houses the surveillance room and holding cell.

Archilochun Island – Where John Paul and the rest stay when they are on Earth. Where Tavis and Jack end up after the destruction of Gamma. It is moved often and is always situated over an underwater cave (where Jack hid Sebastian’s and Chaza’s amulets and key before he and Tavis left for Domum).

Epsilon – Newly, and 5th, created island. Uninhabited.

Zeta – Recently mapped area for next island creation.

Charleston, SC – Where Anthony and Rebecca Cavanaugh were from and where Jack’s was raised. It is a military base.

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