Lexicon, Domum – Book 2

The who, what, and where of DOMUM – Book 2:

Including, people/non-people, terms, creatures, animals, and plants.
~Keep in mind there will be spoilers~
*Note: Characters are alphabetized by first name; main characters will be UNDERLINED.*

ALEC ELLISON ABBOTT – Of Domum descent; negligible dwindling-Archilochun ancestry. Born and raised on Earth (Gamma Island). Son of Kyrie Ellison and Sebastian Abbott. Part father (approx.: 1/3) of Luke, Lynn, and Sidney. Married to Margaret Meg Arcana. He becomes involved with Matisse Biswa Balfor. Alec ‘dies’ at end of DOMUM –Book 2, but is sent through light by Thoth to ‘other world’, Silentis (Latin for: I am silent). *See Matisse Biswa Balfor for further explanation. He assassinates the East American Army on Domum’s moon, and quite a few more on Domum. Leads General Arden Raynor to Matisse so she can have her revenge by killing him.

Archilochus/Archilochun – Archilochus was a planet in a binary solar system located in our galaxy (what people from Earth called: The Milky Way), and in the same spiral arm. Their solar system died when the two suns merged. A small population left their planet (and solar system) and roamed our spiral arm of the galaxy and eventually came across our single sun solar system. Those from Archilochus are referred to as: Archilochun.

(GENERAL) ARDEN WADE RAYNOR – Successor after Keenan Legare went AWOL. Half-brother to Keenan (by mother). Tortures and forces Matisse into marrying him. Biological father to Lawrence Brett Legare. Matisse stabs him in the chest (heart) with a gardon scale, but they have healing properties. ‘Dies’ (?) by gardon scream.

Berniss Biswa – Matisse’s and Lorcan’s mother. Wife to Brett Balfor. Domum descent. Died in gardon cave after miscalculating their arrival for the breeding season.

Biswa Legare – Ancient Legare ancestor, before the Dissention. Portrait hangs on Legare Estate hall.

Braks Faldren – Domum pilot, helped guide Raynor’s ship onto Domum. Has a daughter, Joni Faldren.

Brenler – Works at administrative building, monitoring Earth’s hologram.

Brett Balfor – Lives on Ovis Cape. Widowed from Berniss Biswa. Father of Lorcan and Matisse Balfor. From Earth, Gamma (but originally from Scotland). Name meaning: Brett, Irish, Native of Brittany.

Captain Lidmann – Cordus Marina sailboat captain. Took Arden Raynor and Matisse partway to Princeps… until Arden sent him off (swimming) to shore for not following orders.

Chaplain Grant Calvin – Army chaplain who married Matisse and Arden.

CHAZA IONE – Archilochun. Changed last name from Abbott to Ione in Chapter 2: Mutual Agreements. It is a shortened version of her parent’s unpronounceable name. Name meaning: Ione – Celtic, from the King’s island. Mother of Margaret Meg Arcana: from Chaza’s brief affair with Joseph Arcana. (Potentially—most likely—in future writing of this series, it will come to light that Chaza and Joseph conceived Meg while in their light forms which causes shortened lifespans of Archilochun descendants (the same reason why Joseph died young). Has marriage to Sebastian officially dissolved after returning to Domum. Gets involved with Galen and eventually becomes pregnant with a daughter she names Quin. Is hidden by Galen (while he’s in gardon form) in a volcanic mountain cave during the invasion.

CorporalsJennings: Tattooed, Subjugated Property of General Arden Raynor, on Matisse’s wrist. An agricultural facility guard (on moon). Alec kills him and assumes his identity to kill the rest. Lester: Aerodrome guard (on moon), killed by Alec. Vance: Agricultural facility guard (on moon), killed by Alec. Yates: Personal assistant to Lieutenant Reese. Last remaining member of army on Domum’s moon. Spared by Thoth. Garth: Guard at Sebastian’s patio door (on Domum).

Corrine Brasco – Council advisor, acts as organizer and secretary to council members. Records all council meetings for historical archives.

Dane Metea – Brother to Nica. Hostage at moon aerodrome. Roughed up Alec’s face (per Alec’s request to disguise himself) so Alec could gain entry into Crystal Tower as Corporal Jennings.

Dawn Derst – Alec and Lorcan’s defensive flight training professor. With Chef Martine Tronco. She also works with Lawrence Abbott in manufacturing on Domum’s moon. She dies during landing of armada, as it crushed the manufacturing building.

Delwen Larson – Head councilwoman on Domum. Lives in Cordus at Larson Manor, has a deep love of art, especially Drake’s. Death by gardon scream. Grandmother to Maylark Larson and great-grandmother to Harper Larson.

DRAKE QUINLAN – (Archilochun birth name: Drakovian.) Last Lucusan (*see more on Lucusan below*) until Kai is born. Originally from Archilochus. The closest being possessing the ability to ‘know all’, but this ‘enlightenment’ has not happened yet to Drake. Per Galen Arri, it did happen to some of the Lucusans on Archilochus, but before they could tell anyone, they vanished in a brilliant light (Thoth-like entity). On Domum, Drake was the only Lucusan so he simply avoided others and was therefore quite lonely. Drake experienced more interaction with people on Earth because they didn’t know what he was, and he could find temporary reprieves from his solitude with them. He knew of Sebastian’s and John Paul’s involvement with the Stone Davis Corporation’s islands and curiosity took him there. He discovered Jack Cavanaugh first and knew he possessed the trait to create a Lucusan and was ‘seeing’ interesting things about his future, but what was ‘unsteady’ since Jack didn’t know of his true parentage. Then, Drake discovered Meg and found she also possessed the trait to create a Lucusan, but her future was also unsteady because of what Alec had done to her. Alec’s future held much more permanence (what Drake saw confirmed previous premonitions of Earth discovering Domum and knew it all hinged on Alec) and the only hope he had of securing Meg’s, and Jack’s, future was through Alec. Drake also fell in love with Meg and based on what he saw of Alec’s future, he had no choice but to help her develop a relationship with him if he wanted to save not only her life, but the lives of so many others.

Drew Elloree and Norine Windsor – they work in the administration building in Princeps, in the monitoring office. Preside over the holograms of Domum. Norine dies at the hands of soldiers during a raid.

Edmund Baylen – Historical librarian. He makes the amulets and keys. Has a good-size stash of ‘private’ history squirreled away at his home that he thinks isn’t quite ready for publication to the library archives (for the public to read). Good friend of Chaza. Full Domum. Sort of cohorts with Meg. Name meaning: Edmund – Old English, defender of property; Baylen – English, auburn-haired. Brother: Grant Baylen. Uncle to Sibley Baylen. Partners with Kai to create the historical anthology for Alec and Matisse.

Eldridge Stone – From Earth/Stone Davis Corporation. Arrived on Domum’s moon with armada. Remains on Domum at the end. Redeemable. Involved with Dominic Lance. Helps Natasha Hammond with her plan to orchestrate Matisse’s escape by calling for a meeting with Arden Raynor. Makes a career with urban planning (as was his favorite part of island creation on Earth).

Erin Jeneca – Wife of Professor Rubin Telassar.

Frank Doscher – From Gamma (originally from Ireland). Lives in Ovis Cape (Domum) with Effie Henderson, who is also from Gamma. Tends to the ovis.

Galen Arri – Archilochun. A renowned physician. Galen is one of the original Archilochuns—those referred to as the Ancients—and there are very few originals/Ancients left. Becomes involved with Chaza Ione. Name meaning – Galen, physician. Arri – Greek, superior, best of thinkers. Chaza helped him shorten his family name. Trained as a recovery pod pilot. Father of Quin Arri Ione. Hid pregnant-Chaza away in a volcanic mountain cave before invasion and took on the form of a gardon to guard her.

Gamus Erse – Name meaning: anagram – Gamus (Magus), Erse (Seer). She’s mostly physically blind, possesses a rare gift of being able to see others in different ways. Responsible for maintaining the cloaked atmosphere on Domum. Claims she’s the oldest of Domum descent. Can sense the lies, the heavily guarded (suppressed ones?) memories. Can sense the unique qualifiers in individuals, especially the young. Friendly with the raiyfs. Friends with Drake Quinlan. Befriends Meg. Practices alternative medicine (unorthodox). Eccentric lifestyle. Uses a cane to feel her way around, especially in new buildings. Hides the children and Kyrie, but with a price of Kyrie’s unborn child (Ellison) being the next in line to cloak Domum (which later becomes unnecessary). Granted an end to her life at the end of the story by Thoth.

Geyan Legare – Mother to Arden Raynor and Keenan Legare. Abused by husband, Levi Raynor III. She left him after Arden was born, met someone else, had that man’s child (Keenan). Levi found her, killed Keenan’s father and forced Geyan to return to him (with Keenan), where he continues abusing her and eventually kills her. Descendant of those who left Domum at the Dissension. Before her death, she passed down the Legare family history tome to Keenan.

Gideon – Hostage at moon aerodrome. Held back Alec’s arms while Dane roughed up his face.

Grant Baylen – Solomon Baylen’s great-grandson. Took over Jack’s position in the telecommunications office. Brother to Edmund Baylen. Father to Sibley Baylen.

Harper Larson – Great-grandson of Delwen Larson, son of Maylark Larson. Graduate of Cordus Art College. One of Arden’s hostages, but released after negotiations (see Sibley Baylen). Marries Lorcan Balfor.

Isaac Evans – Archilochun. Jack Cavanaugh’s father. From Delta Island (Earth). Helps Kyrie operate the café.

JACK CAVANAUGH – Archilochun. Born on Earth (Delta Island), raised in East America by adoptive parents. Birth parents: Mabel and Isaac Evans. Worked in the communications office for a while to keep tabs on the incoming communications, hoping Sebastian and Chaza would make contact. Later, undergoes training and becomes a defensive pod pilot, partnered with Meg Arcana. Becomes stranded in the Aleutians for three (Earth) years with Meg after Drake crashes their pod. Married to Tavis Abbott. Father of Lani, John and unborn child (by end of story). Also, father of Kai Arcana Cavanaugh with Meg (conceived during their stranded life in the Aleutians). Becomes a member of the new council at the end of DOMUM.

Jereate – Cordus Art College graduate. Hostage at Crystal Tower. Held with Renna. Forced into lurid acts with Renna for guards’ pleasure. Has developed bond with Renna and proposed marriage.

Joni Faldren – Hostage at Crystal Tower. Braks Faldren’s daughter. He was training her to be a pilot when Domum’s moon was invaded. To keep her safe, he agreed to pilot the airship to Domum. Abused by Lieutenant Reese.

KAI ARCANA CAVANAUGH – Lucusan daughter of Meg and Jack, conceived and born in the Aleutians. Destroys Earth with Drake. Returns to Domum an adult (time difference). Gets involved with Keenan Legare. Helps Matisse give birth. She is responsible for getting the historical anthology (GAMMA and DOMUM) together and prepared for delivery to Alec and Matisse.

KEENAN LEGARE – Previous general of the East American military. Half-brother of Arden Raynor (younger by a couple of years). They share the same mother, Geyan Legare, but have different fathers. Descendant of the ones who left at the Dissension. Children: Camlin and Brandt (parentage on Brandt is questionable for potential future storyline… it may turn out that Arden fathered him from a brief liaison with Keenan’s wife when Keenan was on active duty). The only heir to the Legare Estate on Domum. Develops relationship with Kai Arcana Cavanaugh after she returns from destroying Earth. Takes in Matisse’s premature son, Lawrence Brett Legare, and raises him as his own (but will have to eventually share custody with Lorcan Balfor when she brings up the issue that she has a right to be a part of his family). Has final words to Arden at end of story and pushes him off the cave berm.

Kyrie Ellison – (Not yet) married to Sebastian Abbott. Granddaughter of John Paul Ellison. Children with Sebastian include: Alec Ellison Abbott, Tavis Abbott, Sebastian (Seb) Abbot Ellison, Lyrin Ellison Abbott, and Ellison Abbott. Hides with Gamus and the children beneath the Benoit River during the invasion/war. Retrieved by Thoth when it’s time to take her to Alec (at the end). She gives her permission for Alec to go to Silentis. Kyrie was conceived and born on Earth, Beta Island, and transferred to Gamma Island still a child when Beta was destroyed.

Lani and John Abbott Cavanaugh – Children of Tavis Abbott and Jack Cavanaugh.

Lorcan Balfor – Lived in Ovis Cape, but moved to new home outside of Cordus (suburbs) after marrying Harper Larson. Youngest daughter of Brett Balfor and Berniss Biswa. Sister of Matisse Biswa Balfor. Name Meaning: Lorcan – Irish, little fierce one. Balfor – Gaelic, from the pasture land. Alec’s partnered defensive flight student until he is transferred to recovery flight training.

Lawrence Abbott – Sebastian Abbott’s older brother. Domum council member. Also, works in manufacturing on Domum’s moon. Shot and killed when Arden’s ship landed on Domum’s moon.

Lawrence Brett Legare – Biological child of Matisse Biswa Balfor and Arden Raynor. Adopted by Keenan Legare.

Levi Raynor III – Father of Arden Raynor. Horrible man…beat and killed his wife, Geyan Legare. His father was Payton Raynor.

LieutenantsReese: In charge of hostages (on moon). Warren: Guard at Raynor’s private quarter’s door (on ship). Taylor: At Raynor’s office door. Also, in charge of explosive weapons, equipped Arcana Estate with explosives, which Meg blew up herself. Evan Finley: Took over Taylor’s guard station at Arden’s office door after Taylor was gored by unisus (not fatal). Harlow: Guard at the Crystal Tower doors (on moon). Meyers: Communication and intelligence officer on Raynor’s ship. Dominic Lance: Eldridge’s lover and personal guard. ***Of these soldiers, only Evan Finley and Dominic Lance survive by end of book and live on Domum until here ever after***

Lissy Jeneca Telassar – Professor Rubin Telassar’s newborn daughter.

Lucusan – reference term given to those like Drake Quinlan (Drakovian) by the Archilochun. Lucusans have the ability to foresee people’s future thoughts and memories, until Thoth took it away from Drake (and ultimately prevented Kai from having the ability as well). This uncanny foresight is the number one reason why Lucusans always left their parents to live with other Lucusans (on Archilochus). It’s a bit unnerving for both parties when one of them knows most of what will happen to the other, even the very next words that will pass their lips. There is an element of fear regarding a Lucusan. As Chaza said to Galen when explaining why she didn’t trust Drake, “There’s nothing they [Lucusans] can’t do.”

Luke Arcana Ellison – First-born son of Meg, Alec, and Drake. Conceived and born on Earth (Gamma Island).

Lynn and Sidney Arcana Ellison – Identical twin girls born to Meg, Alec, and Drake. Conceived on Earth (Gamma Island), born on Domum.

Mabel Evans – Archilochun. Jack Cavanaugh’s mother. From Delta Island (Earth).

MARGARET MEG ARCANA – Full Archilochun. Born and raised on Earth (Gamma Island). Daughter of Chaza Ione, and Joseph Arcana (deceased). Children: Luke, Lynn, Sidney, and Kai. Married to Alec Ellison Abbott. Formed an alliance with Drake Quinlan (Drakovian) to save Domum. Bonded with Alec and Drake Quinlan. Becomes a member of the new council at the end of DOMUM.

Martine Tronco – Chef in Cordus. With Dawn Derst.

MATISSE BISWA BALFOR – Singer. First-born daughter of Brett Balfor and Berniss Biswa, sister of Lorcan Balfor. The first who Alec became involved with after leaving Meg. Matisse has always blamed herself for her mother’s death since she was not with her to help listen out for gardons. She possesses a rare ability to hear sounds which are inaudible to most people; a trait which usually coincides with an extraordinary singing voice. General Arden Raynor tortures Matisse for information. He becomes obsessed with her, forces her into marriage with him, and forces her to become pregnant with his child. Hides from Arden, with Alec’s help, after she escapes. She tries to kill Arden by stabbing him with a gardon scale. Biological mother of Lawrence Brett Legare. Before dying on Domum at end of story, is sent through the light by Thoth to Silentis (a world for second chance lost ones).

Maylark Larson – Granddaughter of Delwen Larson. Works in communications in Cordus. Mother of Harper Larson.

Max Slimbal – Resident physician at Princeps’ medical complex. Delivered Lynn and Sidney and also the physician during Meg’s miscarriage. Tavis’ medical professor. Rather flirtatious and Jack refers to him as Dr. Slime ball.

Natasha Hammond – From Earth, Stone Davis Corporation. Father-daughter sort of relationship with Eldridge Stone. She helps Matisse escape from Arden. Arden kills her by strangulation.

Nica Metea – Art professor at Cordus University. 3rd woman Alec got involved with after leaving Meg. Lasted a little longer than Renna. Nica ‘molded’ Alec. She put an end to their ‘casual’ relationship when she sensed him getting too comfortable. She’s also friends with Chaza Ione. Killed by Arden. Sister of Dane Metea.

Quin Arri Ione – Archilochun. Daughter of Chaza and Galen. Meg’s half-sister.

Renna – Student at Cordus Art College. 2nd who Alec got involved with after leaving Meg. Spent a week sailing with Alec during her break. Hostage at Crystal Tower, forced into lurid acts with Jereate for guards’ pleasure.

Rubin Telassar – Meg and Jack’s defensive flight training professor. Name meaning: Telassar – biblical, taking away. Lives in Cordus. Married to Erin Jeneca. Has two sons and a newborn daughter. Died from injuries during final flight-training session when pod crashed in Alaska (on an Aleutian island).

Saul Volney – Elder of Archilochun descent, lives in Cordus. First shows up in Gardon Bay chapter. Prepared Titan for Archilochun arrival.

Sebastian Abbott – Full Domum ancestry. Father of Tavis and Alec Abbott…and many others!

Seb Abbott – Son of Sebastian Abbott and Kyrie Ellison. Conceived on Earth, born on Domum.

Sibley Baylen – Grant Baylen’s daughter, Edmund’s niece. Graduating from Cordus Art College. Was taken hostage on Domum’s moon during the graduation ceremony, but later released after negotiations between Delwen Larson and General Arden Raynor for safe landing on Domum.

Solomon Baylen – Domum council member. Also, worked in Princeps’ telecommunications office, but ready to retire, he helped Jack Cavanaugh land his job. Full Domum. Died during raid on administration building in Princeps.

Sophia Abbott Balfor – daughter of Alec and Matisse, in their new lives on Silentis. Named after the sophia flowers on their planet.

TAVIS ABBOTT – Of Domum descent; negligible dwindling-Archilochun ancestry. Born on Gamma (Earth), but raised on Domum. Mother: Kyrie Ellison. Father: Sebastian Abbott. Twin brother: Alec Ellison Abbott. Other siblings by the end of DOMUM: Seb, Lyrin, and Ellison. Children: Lani, John, and unborn child (unnamed) at end of story. Married to Jack Cavanaugh. Becomes a physician.

THOTH – Have to use his name with conviction! Ha! Thought I’d give you more insight, right? Forget about it. Thoth is many, and many are Thoth…that’s all you get. If the entity that is Thoth is capable of having a home, it is on a planet called Silentis (where Alec and Matisse go). Another way to think of Thoth is, Galactic Supervisor.


Art Council – Art is highly prized and regarded on Domum, especially in Cordus.

Bufo – Latin for toad. Resembles the frogs and toads of Earth. Bufo burrow in the ground and build subterranean tunnels and chambers. Some are communal (small ones – Lesser Bufo), some are solitary (big ones – Greater Bufo). Occasionally, the bigger ones fall prey to the Gardons during breeding season. Adult Greater Bufo size: Ovis.

Cephalopods – as the name suggests, they are octopus-like. Found exclusively on the other side of Domum, concentrated near Benoit. Friendly, curious, playful. Can survive above surface for short periods. Unfortunately, they did not make an appearance by the end of DOMUM. However, they will make an appearance if I continue to write more in The League of Worlds series. (The term, Kraken, will show up in ARES – Book 3.) Excerpt from Domum ecology text: ‘According to the Ancients, cephalopods are present in all water bearing planets… constant variables of water-bearing planets in most types of star systems.’

Gallina – Birds which resemble Earth’s hens and roosters, but with much more ornate plumage. Will roost in stone roost walls built near residential areas where they will lay eggs they don’t intend to incubate (providing a steady supply of eggs for everyone, including the occasional plunder by raiyfs). When nesting (incubating eggs) they go to the volcanic mountains. Gardons view gallina eggs as a delicacy, and will steal them whenever the opportunity presents itself (they won’t challenge a female gallina present at her nest because of the risk of eye injury).

Gardon – Anagram for ‘dragon’. A dragon/serpent-like creature that lives most of its life in the oceans and rivers of Domum; particularly, in the Benoit range where their diet consists of juvenile kraken. They migrate to the volcanic caves to rear their young. Female lays a clutch of eggs on a rock nest, but only one will hatch. Gardons are quite large and for the most part peaceful creatures, unless provoked (especially during nesting), in which case they are formidable. However, their enormous size alone is enough to keep them from being provoked. Their scales have healing properties and are used by medical personnel for wounds. Gardons mainly eat fish and other marine animals, but also ocean/river vegetation, and have a taste for gallina eggs. Females are considerably larger than males. A gardon ends its own life when it knows it’s time to do so. They are highly visual creatures. Gardons project their defense mechanisms onto what they visually fixate on. Defense tactic of gardons: They hit you with an inaudible high-frequency sound first, long enough to stress and weaken all your major organs. Then you’re blasted with a low-frequency, high amplitude sound, and if the sound of that isn’t bad enough, all your weakened organs rupture and you bleed to death internally. Sometimes referred to as death by gardon scream. It’s a very unpleasant, incurable death. The only thing immune to a gardon scream is another gardon. Excerpt from Domum ecology text: ‘…the only warning one may get is an eerie, bone-chilling silence. However, by this point, it is already too late as death is eminent.’ (A gardon scream is what happens to Matisse, Alec, and Arden at the end of the story.)

Ovis – Sheep-like animals in Ovis Cape. The color of their fleece depends on the color of the flowers they eat. Very friendly (dog-like). Brett Balfor shepherds them, as does Frank Doscher. Matisse often imagined standing among their peaceful herds during the worst of her torture by Arden Raynor as a form of mental escape from the things he does to her and makes her do. Sometimes (in her imaginings), they help her by staying nearby, other times they abandon her as they can’t stand to bear witness to the abuse.

Raiyfs – Anagram for ‘fairy’. Very small. They fly, wings resemble bumblebee wings, except for the cells have hues of color, giving it a stain-glass quality. The wing appendages grow from their shoulder blades; other than this, they’re anatomically identical to people. Short life-span of 5-10 years. Young are born with white hair and, as they turn into adults, color develops. They are able to sense the thoughts and feelings of people and sometimes the youth will group together to display a representation in the air of the thought or feeling (if being playful). When they die, their bodies turn to stone and they always go to previously formed rock formations (which are an accumulation of previous raiyfs who have died). These rock formations are what all buildings on Domum are made of. Raiyfs have their own language, but one not understood (or heard for that matter) by anyone other than themselves.

Roses – Grow both wild and cultivated on Domum. Similar in appearance to the roses on Earth. However, there are differences in propagation, color, and whatever else I want! There are no bees on Domum, so roses are pollinated by people, raiyfs, etc. When they sense the presence of a passerby, they ‘animate’ and reach out to deposit their pollen (which matches their outward color). Any unopened buds will become ‘jealous’ and instantly open to join in on the attention the opened are receiving. Once the passerby (with the newly deposited pollen) nears another rose bush, the roses on that bush will reach out to retrieve it. The result can lead to many combinations of future colors in the seeds produced by this sort of pollination. Dried rose leaves make an aromatic tea with a robust flavor. Though still hypothetical in the medical community, rose-leaf tea, when cured with rose pollen, supposedly acts as an aphrodisiac.

Trees (partial list) – Weeping Umbrella Tree – a common, small tree found in and around most of the urbanized areas (homes and other buildings – like landscape trees). Average lifespan is 150 years as it propagates readily. The wood is used for small furniture, the rest goes to paper products. Giant Forest Trees – all wooded areas and forests are covered in this type of tree. They closely resemble the giant redwoods and sequoias of West America (Earth), but even larger since they are protected from being chopped down. Their lifespan is approximately 4000 years and strict records are kept of each one. Once an arborist has determined the tree is close to falling on its own, it is removed to save the others around it. The wood from said tree/s is then processed for wood products—in order of importance: 1) Furniture—which is offered to next on list unless they pass on the offer, as sometimes happens because furniture is never discarded, but always passed down to future generations due to their durability. Also, greediness is not a known issue on Domum. 2) Paper products which, because of the extreme cooperative nature of furniture conservation, are arguably #1 in importance (perhaps the only product where hoarding may ever be an issue). Sheets of paper for writing are produced, but the library is always first in priority. Whatever they don’t need is distributed among the rest of the population with the medical complex and departments within the administrative buildings having a slight advantage over citizens.

Unisus – Resembles a horse on Earth. Has small, but functional wings (mostly for migration purposes only), and a small horn protruding from its muzzle comparable to that of a rhinoceros horn (Earth) which is used to search for the various roots that comprise its diet. Rarely used in defense, but gets the job done if ever needed, and would more likely happen when foals are around. Occasionally used (in posture stance) among males and females to establish hierarchy within herds. Usually established with little argument… whoever has the biggest horn wins.

Whisper Birds – Resemble the hummingbirds of Earth. Several species. First show up in Chapter 3: Sailing Season (the red-bearded whisper bird). You know they’re nearby when you hear what sounds like whispering or sighing. The blue-footed whisper bird is first mentioned at the end of the same aforementioned chapter. They ‘hear’ your thoughts and can mimic them in their ‘whispers’ and the red-bearded is particularly good at it. The blue-footed are known to be tenacious when seeking out (often in swarms) any kind of flower and will doggedly investigate any perceived colors… be them flowers or clothes or anything bearing color.


Domum Locations: Including cities, towns, structures, geographical locales, etc.

Abbott Estate – Sebastian Abbott’s (and ancestors) property. The southernmost edge (frontage facing) of the estate is where the café and ‘after hours’ medical office (Abbott Clinic) are located. The estate property is located in the heart of Princeps. Situated on a turquoise-colored river (Lanattis River), and just a bit upriver from Princeps Marina. Forests edge both sides. Directly across the river from the Legare Estate. The estate grounds include the manor house, a greenhouse, and a pool at the end of a path (the path begins near the greenhouse and ends at the forest-surrounded pool—which was designed by Chaza Ione).

Abbott Manor – The enormous house (of raiyf stone) on Abbott Estate. To quote Arden Raynor, “Bit Gothic for my tastes.” However, it is charming and beautiful.

Administration Buildings – Houses all administrative-type offices: telecommunications, the council, monitoring, permits, environment, etc. There is one in Cordus as well, and an abandoned one in Benoit.

Abbott Clinic – Sebastian’s ‘after hours’ clinic located at the front of Abbot Estate.

Benoit – Lost city on the other side of Domum. Abandoned, in ruins. Where most of the Dissenters came from. Future developments will depend on if I write further (past DOMUM & ARES). It may possibly be the place where still-living Arden Raynor retreats to if I continue writing The League of Worlds series.

Benoit River, and its underwater dome – This river runs through the heart of Benoit. Beneath it is a glass-domed complex secretly constructed by the Dissenters before the Dissention… because they were a paranoid bunch. It is massive, impressive, and truly wondrous. It is where Gamus hides the children and Kyrie before the armada arrives. Only Gamus Erse, Edmund Baylen, and Drake Quinlan (Drakovian) knew of its existence. Thoth had to ‘talk’ it out of Edmund Baylen when trying to find the whereabouts Gamus, Kyrie, and the children.

The café – Restaurant Kyrie opened. Located at the front of Abbott Estate.

Coral Reef islands – Archipelago where the lesser and greater brown bufo live.

Cordus – Second largest city on Domum, near the volcanic mountains. Highest population. Cordus means ‘second’ in Latin; also, a historian (Aulus Cremutius Cordus). Pronounced: Core-doose. Where Delwen Larsen lives, and many other characters.

Cordus University – Where the arts college is. Crowned Lady statue located on front lawn, donated by anonymous artist (Drake), only Delwen knows. It is a statue of Meg (from future developments which Drake foresaw before his ‘sight’ was taken by Thoth). An aerodrome (Domum’s largest) is located at the back of the university. Location of the Communications College and where flight training takes place.

Cordus Underground – Where the night-life happens! Alec developed a liking for it after being introduced to the scene by Nica Metea.

Crystal Tower – A massively tall building, made of unusual glass—reflective on the outside, crystal clear on the inside and magnifies Domum to a beautiful clarity. First floor houses front office, atrium, restaurant, and coliseum (where special events of large numbers take place). There are several floors of offices and above those are the apartment housing for employees and guests. It is where the hostages are kept after the invasion. If I continue writing The League of Worlds series the building will be demolished and replaced with a new tower in memorandum of those who died and suffered there.

Domum’s Moon – Where manufacturing and agricultural facilities, aerodrome, and Crystal Tower are located. An atmosphere was developed there for habitability. The only place where a bit of fossil fuel is allowed to be used (the smidge amount taken from Domum). It had never been thought of to cloak the moon’s atmosphere and this oversight is how and why the East American military’s armada was able to find it so quickly. This is where the invasion first takes place… and the first of many deaths.

Gamus Erse’s House – Located on the Legare Estate side (slightly upriver from), and situated on the Lanattis River. It is the only house on Domum built entirely of wood as Gamus had issues living in raiyf stone.

Gardon Bay – First mentioned in Chapter 3: Sailing Season. Located in the volcanic mountains and breeding range of gardons. A small, deserted town called Titan borders Gardon Bay.

Lanattis River – Anagram for ‘Atlantis’. The river on which the Abbott and Legare Estates are situated; it feeds into Domum’s middle ocean. Meg and Alec’s house is also located on this river. Chaza builds her new home along this same river (farther upriver).

Legare Estate – Huge estate—nearly twice the size of Abbott Estate—located along the Lanattis River. It belonged to the Legare family (before the Dissention), who were the only Dissenters hailing from Princeps. After the Dissention, when there were no more Legares left on Domum, the estate fell to the city of Princeps to maintain and it became a celebration hall of sorts.

Lesser World – Earth, though the term is not used by the end of DOMUM. The planet, Domum, would be considered a prime world (a first, better world within this solar system… more on this topic should I continue writing this series).

Medical Complex/es – It is what it is… where people go who need medical attention. Princeps Medical Complex is also the location of the medical university. There is a Cordus Medical Complex—and a second medical complex is built in Cordus during this story (much needed due to Cordus’ increasing population).

Northern Latitude – Where Domum’s polar icecap is located. Keenan Legare was banished here for a year.

Ovis Cape – The foothills of the volcanic mountains. The first city Tavis, Jack, Meg and Alec visit during Chapter 3: Sailing Season. Where Frank and Effie are living. The ovis are shepherded here. Appearance: think of the rolling hills of Ireland. It’s where Brett Balfor lives and also where Matisse and Lorcan grew up.

Princeps – Oldest city on Domum, and where the main characters live. Pronounced: Preen-seps.

Princeps Library – Enormous building. Historical section overseen by Edmund Baylen. Meg spends a great deal of time there. Also, where the aptitude testing for defensive-pod pilot-training candidacy takes place.

Silentis – The ‘place’ where Matisse and Alec go (through Thoth’s light) at the end of DOMUM. It is an important ‘world’ (of the League of Worlds) located within this galaxy. ‘The Seat of Silentis’ is located here—at the base of the Ethereos Mountain chain.

Southern Latitude – Uninhabitable. It’s where the wind farms are.

Stone roost wall – Where gallina will roost at night and lay eggs they do not intend to incubate.

Titan – Third city visited by Tavis, Jack, Alec, and Meg. First mentioned at the end of Sailing Season chapter. Explored/explained further in Gardon Bay chapter. Long abandoned city. Many of the Dissenters originated from here. Also, where the Archilochun decide to settle and make vibrant again.

Volcanic mountains – Where gallina go to incubate eggs. Multiple ocean-facing caves where gardons nest during their breeding years. Notable houses located here are: Drake Quinlan’s (Drakovian), the ‘late’ John Paul Ellison, Galen Arri, and many abandoned houses from before the time their population dwindled. Several of these houses are now data collection points for the drone department.

Wolf’s Den of Balderdash
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